Daily Complex

Daily Complex


Daily Complex is a high potency, well balanced vitamin & mineral supplement for adults, ages 17 and older. Daily Complex delivers 53 nutrients that take the guesswork out of daily supplementation.

Important features include:

• A balanced B Complex including two forms of Vitamin B6 to help manage stress, support immune system function, help reduce irritability, support circulation, help maintain blood pressure within normal ranges, and preserve proper cholesterol and homocysteine levels.*

• Antioxidants like Beta carotene, mixed citrus bioflavonoids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and the mineral selenium to support immune system response.*

• Amino Acids like L-Glutamine, DL-Methionine, L-Aspartic Acid and L-Cysteine for mental and physical energy.*

• Linoleic acid (omega 6 fatty acid) to support cell membrane health.*

• Natural Vitamin E in its most active form.

• Octacosanol to benefit nerve health and support increased stamina, endurance and strength.*

• Digestive enzymes to aid the body in digesting and absorbing food nutrients that are not easily assimilated, and to enhance the absorption and utilization of all the nutrients contained within the formula.*

• Vitamin C in the Ascorbate form for immediate assimilation and to prevent stomach irritation.*

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