IMPACT Nutrition: 10-Week Program

IMPACT Nutrition: 10-Week Program


IMPACT Nutrition philosophy

The philosophy behind the IMPACT nutrition model is that health and fitness goals are achieved through an interdependent relationship between fitness, recovery and nutrition. The IMPACT model is not based on extreme restriction or elimination of any particular macronutrient, but rather on discovering the dietary, and more specifically, macronutrient needs of a particular individual and tailoring them to meet their goals. Through this outcome-based decision-making and the development of efficient dietary patterns and habits, long-term sustainable results are achieved.



Individualized: We offer highly specific nutritional planning for your body composition, activity type and frequency, and goals.

Macronutrient Programming: We provide macronutrient plans so you know what your daily intake should be of carbohydrates, protein and fat. We then educate you on nutrient modulation and timing for maximum performance and metabolic efficiency.

Assessment: We conduct a thorough initial assessment to formulate your goal-specific plan. We then re-assess weekly to evaluate progress and make modifications to your macronutrient plan.

Caloric Tracking: We guide you through the daily process of calorie tracking and nutrient timing to reach your goals. Providing ongoing support and program adjustments. 


  • Initial assessment to obtain body composition, dietary habits, current training/exercise regimen and client goals (can be performed remotely)
  • Provide individualized macronutrient profile with education on food choices and nutrient modulation
  • Weekly reassessment via phone conference with macronutrient modifications to your program
  • Daily email support for questions regarding program and nutrition 
  • 20% off any nutritional supplements purchased through Pyur Labs
  • Please note, with this program, clients will need a food scale and bodyweight scale 

Following purchase, you will receive an email to schedule your assessment.  If an email is not received by next business day, check Spam folder prior to contacting us. 

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