IMPACT Nutrition



We offer highly specific planning for your body composition, activity type and frequency, and the goals that you have.

Macronutrient Programming

We provide macronutrient plans so that you know exactly what your daily intake should be of carbohydrates, protein and fat.


We conduct a thorough initial assessment to formulate your goal-specific plan.  We then re-assess frequently to evaluate progress and make modifications as needed.

Caloric Training

We guide you through the process to reach your goals and move into a maintenance phase where you possess the body awareness and knowledge base to maintain your achievements.


How it Works

Initial assessment to obtain body composition, dietary habits, current training/exercise regimen

Provide individualized macronutrient profile with education on nutrient modulation, supplement recommendation and exercise references when needed

Weekly reassessment via phone conference with profile/macro modifications as needed

24/7 support via telephone or email

20% off any nutritional supplements purchased through Pyur Labs

$299 for the 10 week program