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The Pyur Truth

At Pyur Labs we are passionate about providing you with tools and science to meet your nutritional and performance goals. Through practical, sustainable, and result-based nutritional and dietary programming you will be guided down a pathway to meet your personal goals for building a better body.


The philosophy behind the IMPACT nutrition model is that health and fitness goals are achieved through an interdependent relationship between fitness, recovery and nutrition.  The IMPACT model is not based on extreme restriction or elimination of any particular macronutrient, but rather on discovering the dietary, and more specifically, macronutrient needs of a particular individual and tailoring them to meet their goals.  Through this outcome-based decision-making and the development of efficient dietary patterns and habits, long-term sustainable results are achieved. 

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Pyur Supplements

Effective. Affordable. Quality. These are just a few words to describe our line of nutritional supplements. We began building this results-driven line of products with a focus of being superior in quality, while still maintaining a cost-conscious approach for our clients and customers. With this directive in mind, our product line can be accessible by a greater number of individuals thus helping a larger portion of our community reach their goals.

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"My results with the IMPACT program far exceeded my expectations"

— Marcie, Birmingham AL


Meet the Pyur Experts


Husband and wife duo, Julie and Jonah Smith, are passionate about nutrition and performance. 

Jonah has his CrossFit L1 and Weightlifting certifications and is a certified Sports Nutritionist through the International Sports Sciences Association. His formal education is a Masters in Science, providing a career in healthcare.  His view on health and well-being is that the best results happen when healthy choices and fitness become a way of life; and this is achieved through balance, practicality and passion.

Julie has been impacting the New Orleans fitness community since 2011, specializing in CrossFit and personal training.  She has received a certification in Exercise Nutrition from Precision Nutrition and CrossFit Certifications in Strongman, Olympic lifting, Mobility, Kids, and currently holds her Level 2 certificate. She has developed a fitness program for adults with special needs and is recognized by worldwide fitness retailer, Lululemon, as a key leader in developing fitness programs for the New Orleans area.  In 2015, she was honored as a brand ambassador by Lululemon. Julie hopes to bring healthy living full circle from the gym mat to the kitchen counter.